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21 November 2013
Project CRIS opening conference

Project CRIS opening conference was held on the 20 November at the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas in Katowice. Dr Jan Skowronek, Director of IETU welcomed participants. In the first part of the conference the reasons for the implementation of the river basin information system were presented. The speeches included: a set of water management problems resulting from water use and scattered information on the basin status and a concept of the CRIS information system aimed to support the water management at a basin scale. It is assumed that the CRIS system will help to assess the impact of anthropogenic factors (e.g. land use, water extraction, wastewater discharges, wet and dry deposition) on the water availability and status. The system will also show how dynamic meteorological conditions affect the water cycle and indirectly the water status.


24 October 2013
Information conference of the CRIS “Sustainable water strategy by means of tight-knit approach to water cycle in river catchment” project will be held at the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas in Katowice on 20th of November 2013. During this meeting a short introduction to the project aims will be presented along with the more detailed description of tools and expected results.


27-28 May 2013, Katowice, Poland

EURO-CENTRUM Industrial Park, 103 Ligocka street

Sustainable Urban Land Use

international conference closing the project

Circular Flow Land Use Management – CircUse more

7th International Conference

Innovative Solutions for Revitalisation of Degraded Areas

Ustroń, 2-4 October 2013

The thematic scope of the Conference covers all aspects of revitalisation of degraded areas. This year the Conference will focus on protection and revitalisation of surface waters and groundwater, including innovative methods, technologies and tools to support aquatic ecosystem rehabilitation.

Registration deadline 20th of September 2013 >>> read more

It is the fifth time for The Research and Supervisory Centre of Underground Mining Co. Ltd in Lędziny and Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas in Katowice to organise the International Conference Innovative Solutions For Revitalization Of Degraded Areas organized from 5th to 7th October in Ustroń. The conference will be devoted to natural and landscape, technological and engineering, design and planning, economical, financial and social aspects of revitalisation of degraded areas.

We welcome academia, R&D units, state and private organizations as well as local governments involved in the process of revitalization of degraded areas, particularly post-industrial sites, i.e. local and regional authorities, site owners, companies dealing with soil and groundwater remediation and land reclamation, construction companies, experts, consultants, financial institutions, and insurance companies from Poland and abroad.


  • Biological restoration of post-industrial sites and investment intensification

  • Technical and biological aspects of degraded areas cleanup

  • Research methods used at different stages of remediation processes: sites qualification for remediation, remediation effectiveness assessment and after-remediation monitoring

  • Remediation of soil and water environment at contaminated sites with special focus on monitored and enhanced attenuation processes

  • Revitalisation of natural and regulated rivers and river basins

  • Recommended and proven remediation technologies

  • Examples of best practices in the remediation and revitalisation efforts of post industrial and post-mining sites, former military areas, ports, municipal and industrial landfill sites well as water reservoirs

  • Revitalisation of degraded areas and climate change

  • Innovative cleanup approaches: green remediation

  • Health implications of degraded areas redevelopment

  • Public involvement in remediation and revitalisation processes

  • Revitalisation of degraded areas in the aspect of urban policy

  • Revitalisation tools for urban and industrial sites

The Conference will be initiated by a Special Session of the FOKS Project “Focus on Key Sources of Environmental Risks” implemented under the Central Europe Programme. During the session the following advanced technical and operational tools will be presented: application of passive sampling in contamination assessment of water environment, integral groundwater investigation (Integral Pumping Tests), environmental forensics and isotopic fingerprinting, backtracking and contaminant transport modelling, gnostics and statistics and environmental and health risk assessment.

Paper registration and abstract submission - 1 June 2011
Paper approval for presentation - 15 June 2011
Submission of the full text of the paper - 12 August 2011
Applying for promotion of a company during the conference - 1 August 2011
II Announcement - 22 August 2011
Registration of participants - 20 September 2011

Files to download:

  • The first Announcement (pdf), (doc)

  • Provisional agenda of the conference (pdf), (doc)

  • Registration form (pdf), (doc)

  • Instructions for formatting manuscripts (pdf), (doc)

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